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Meet Amanda 

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While I was working in the medical field for the last 20+ years, I would dabble in baking and share treats with friends and coworkers so I wouldn't end up at 300 pounds! I love to get requests and suggestions: I'm not so excited by the traditional flavors, so anytime I get the opportunity to play with a technique or flavor I'm not familiar with, I jump at the chance!

I finally decided it was time to show my baking skills to the public, not just to friends and family. The jump took me almost a year: it is such a scary venture! But I am very fortunate to have the full support of my husband, daughter, and mom, who all have put in their fair share of work while gently pushing me off the ledge.

I'm not exactly sure where this will lead me, but I'm hoping Bend and the surrounding communities will enjoy a little piece of heaven through my creations as I find my niche!

My husband, Chad, has also worked in the medical field for over 25 years and as an RN for over 20 years. We both enjoy all the outdoor activities Bend has to offer, any time of year. He has supported my crazy idea to try to replace my normal, predictable income by rolling the dice on selling my baking creations. He'd even help in the kitchen or on the trailer when needed.

My daughter, Jordan, is 26 years old and "temporarily" visiting us. She is my best critic. She has no qualms about giving true feedback about taste. She will not let me put a product out for the public that doesn't taste right. This is invaluable to me, even if it is frustrating sometimes! She has also put in many hours, both in the kitchen and in the trailer, to help me turn this whole idea into reality.

My mom, Val, is truly my biggest cheerleader!

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